#questfox major update alert: 41 languages supported by questfox speech module for research #therealvoiceofthecustomer

The Real Voice of the Customer – Using Speech in Research

We know that the answer to all questions of the universe is 42. And we are getting there soon and even beyond. In our constant development towards new forms of research interaction we are integrating more and more languages into questfox.

At this point in time we managed to integrate 8 different languages with their respective versions spread around the world. See our interactive map of supported languages

questfox Speech world map

We are well aware of the fact that this only the beginning. We need to integrate the needs of the entire planet in order to bring continents back together again. We are pangea labs and we are establishing one world of understanding with no boarders in our minds.

8 languages in 41 different settings

By now we group these functions under “Multimedia Insights”. Perhaps it is even time for a new paradigm in asking questions. Research will not remain the same when using speech.

Multimedia Insights

We are looking forward to your suggestions about the use of speech in research. Contact us under info@questfox.com

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