How change colors in the questfox Living Report

questfox allows you to use your own color palette in the reporting section.

The questfox reporting standard looks as such:

We admit that the standard colorset may be less good looking, but you can change it anytime under Design Settings
Chart by integrating a list of hexcolors separated by comma.

Example of a color palette: #f6511d,#ffb400,#00a6ed,#7fb800,#0d2c54

The report will use the first entry as the first color. The 2nd as the second and so on…

This is how the initial example will look like in the new color set.

This changes the colors for all graphics in that specific project. You can still individually change the colors of one graphic.

Where to get colors from? One of our favorite tools to generate a nice color palette is

The tool creates nice sets of colors that can easily be integrated into questfox by clicking on export.

Just copy&paste the CSS into questfox.

Try to get inspired by other palettes

Spanish Palette by Miguel Camacho

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