Re-Direct In and Out inside the questionnaire

Sometimes you need to use other tools than questfox in the middle of your questionnaire.

In order to make sure, that you can continue after the interview with your questfox interview journey you need to make sure, that the IDs are taken over from one software piece into the next and back again.

https:// othersoftware   &    participation_id={questfoxvariable}

The defined variable will be sent to the target software. Make sure that the target is existing (here: participation_id).

When coming back from a third party tool make sure that you get the ID back as a participation ID. The third party tool should then start a link as such:

https: // PROJECTID &panel=PANELPROVIDER &participation_id=%participation_id%

Attention: every tool has a different name for the participation ID. When dealing with a panel please attach @panel=PANELPROVIDER to make sure that the system remembers this.

The external ID for questfox is called exid when not dealing with a panel

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