New questfox website online

Finally a new website went online yesterday during the swiss national holiday.

Hope that you like our new design

questfox manual updated

A new version of the questfox manual is uploaded.

You will find the updated handbook inside your project on the upper right side.

Click on  to access the handbook.

We know that some topics are still not covered by the manual, but we are working on it.

Textwork function activated; Translations much easier now

The final test phase of a function that will help you (and others) to work on the text of a questionnaire in a separated interface is finished.

The idea is, that someone who is not familiar with questfox at all, can edit the final texts in a survey (including intro text, mail text, items, scale labels etc.)

The Textwork feature is now available in the CREATE area under

This function can also be used to translate projects quickly. We are working on a time limited external access to this feature in order to allow interpreters to translate a project with all details without knowing what questfox actually is. Please allow us some extra time in order to publish this marvelous feature which will be a boost to your international projects.

Here is an example of the feature that you will soon be able to use.


New function: encrypt image URL

A new function to encrypt a URL is online.
This function can be used to protect images during a survey.

The function can be found in the File Manager

Select the image you uploaded before and press encrypted image url (the image can only been seen within a running survey)

A really long link is generated. This link can then be implemented inside a survey.

If the link to the survey is given to a third party the encrypted picture will not appear on screen.

PDF generator updated

Thank you for all the positive comments on the new server environment. You could already experience the improvement in speed.

In addition to the  new platform we updated the PDF generator.
If you experience any problems please let us know under

Additional tables with mean values

A suggestion from users was implemented.
In addition to the graph of mean values a table with all data of the graph is shown underneath. This table is available in Group Report and Benchmark Report.
It is easy to copy&paste into other software.

Organizing Response Management more efficiently

Response management is sometimes a difficult task. You will find the new function of sorting invititation on top of every list in the invite section.
A new category of “sorted out invitation” is meant to keep a data storage for those people you are not able to reach. A nice button for this category will follow soon.