Data calculation: new mean value calculation without missing values as seperate process

A new  function in the data calculation is now allowing to calculate mean values without taking the three different missing values of a variable into account.
The syntax qf_avg(var1 , var2 , var_n) calculates the mean without the defined missing values of each variable into a defined variable.
Because of the intensity of this new function on the database server, the operation is now taking place in a background process.
The registered user will receive an email once the calculation is fully completed. In times of high server load this might take a minute or two.
We will soon integrate this function into questlogix too.

PDF generator updated

Thank you for all the positive comments on the new server environment. You could already experience the improvement in speed.

In addition to the  new platform we updated the PDF generator.
If you experience any problems please let us know under

Server Update complete

Happy New Year
The questfox servers have been successfully transfered to a much more performant server environment. All relevant DNS entries are working now.

All the best for your projects.
What’s your quest in 2012?

Today questfox server update

Today the questfox server update will take place from 11:00 c.e.t.
The DNS routing of the address should be finished during the 1st of January 2012.

Please make sure that no interviews will take place during this time.

Thank you for your understanding.

You will take advantage of the new more powerful environment with the start of 2012.

All the best for a successful new year.