#EU DSGVO Imprint and Data Privacy statement texts in questfox

The european law about data security is put in practice since the 25th of May 2018.

As we are offering a tool to save data we also have to prepare ourselves to the conformity of our approach with the hight european standards. As a swiss born company we take this issue very serious.

To help our clients and users to think about data security issues we will develop little helpers to make it easier for you to be legally on the right path.

The first thing we now implemented is a text file in which you can administrate the imprint apart from a privacy statement in which the user can inform the participants about the usage of the data.

Under Edit branding you can define the two seperated texts to be used underneath


In the two HTML Text boxes you can define both IMPRINT and DATA SECURITY POLICY.


In a survey those defined texts will pop-up on the right side of the screen underneath your survey with the names defined in the Edit branding section.


To formulate your individual text, please ask your lawyer or someone who is responsible in your organization. All we can do is help you create surveys under the high european standards.



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