How to download the original audio or video files from questfox?

How to download the original audio or video files from questfox?

This post is only valid for the data captured until October 2020. Since November 2020 we will no longer store multimedia files on our servers. Read the details on how to connect your project with your own SFTP client here:

questfox allows you to record audio and video files. Usually these are immediately transcribed and saved as text, but there is also the option to save the spoken word or recorded video as a multimedia file on the questfox server.

It should be noted that the use of multimedia recordings generates huge amounts of data that go far beyond what is common in market research. A 10 second video usually generates more data than the survey of 1000 people answered by click and text.

Of all types of recording, automatic transcripts are saved as text. But it will always be necessary to hear or view the files in their original format. This memo explains how to do this with the questfox Filemanager.

Each page created in the questfox with audio or video files is saved in its own folder, which contains the name of the project in coded form. Within a folder there are then the respective pages in the continuous numbering. So if an audio file is saved on page 5, then it can be found in the folder Q5. The file folders are only created with the first saved Multimedia element. If you still change the folder structure in the running project, even though audio data has already been received, a little caution is required, as questfox always writes into the current folder.

From the folders you can download the files individually or collectively. While this is comparatively easy with audio data, special considerations have to be made especially for video files. Overall, the question is whether the amount of data is too large to be downloaded in a browser session download. Almost every browser lets you down in case of hundreds of megabytes. For these cases, we offer a separate access to the files, which is realized with a kind of FTP tool. For the vast majority of users, the download is readily possible.

So here’s the way to the audio data of your project:

At the top level, select the Project Space and select the File Manager

Click on the folder “Survey Uploads”

There select the project. To do so one must know the questionnaire ID, which is assigned to the folder. The survey ID is the code that can be found behind the questfox link in the project overview (in the red box BID = CODE OF THE SURVEY).

In questfox File Manager there is then a separate folder per ID.

When opening this folder, various folders may be displayed, each of which may contain audio or video data. The arrangement is in the numerical order of the questionnaire.

With a right mouse click you can open the menu and save the data first as Zip and then right click on Download to download it to your device as ZIP. Please note that you must have the appropriate permits from the people who you recorded before using the data in a different context.

If there is little data, usually a whole project can be downloaded at once. With extensive data, there are sometimes difficulties with videos here. In these cases, we offer direct access to these folders via our own tool (similar to ftp). Ask your questfox partner about this feature,

Attention: The data can be so extensive that the browser session does not allow the download and stops without error message.

The file names themselves are coded and contain an indication of the format at the end. Voice stands for voice files. Video for motion picture files.

Depending on the source device different formats are written. questfox currently has the ability to encode in .ogg and .webm.

If you have difficulty playing the files, we recommend the VLC Player, which handles more than just the proprietary formats of some producers. Download at  

In the hope of enabling new ways of voice and video interviews. Good luck with the new survey options inside of questfox.

Pretty soon there will be an update allowing you to take care of your upload folder on your side. We will offer the option to use your personal SFTP Server.

Update November 2020: This is how you connect to SFTP:

Simplifying teamwork with testing comments

For years already teams are using questfox with the opportunity to leave user comments underneath each question page.

We just added a feature simplifying your work with the new opportunity of looking at all comments in one place while allowing to edit the comments.

Under “Create Settings” you can now see “Show Test Comments” where you can right away edit the comments to a project. Some users also wished for a printing opportunity which you now have by printing the new overview page.

As all comments are copied together with a project the function “Delete Test Comments” still make sense. Hoping to improve your project work with this little non-research related feature.

questfox is an award winning software now

The questfox development team is part of the research team that could win the best practice award 2019 of the DGOF (German Society for Online Research) with the study
„Automation of the Real Voice of the Customer.
Use of massive audio and video interaction in online interviews“

Using the new questfox features of voice and video recording with completely automated transcriptions, the jury found the approach worth award the prestigious best practice award.

For us this is a great honor, having achieved this with our innovative way of enabling research. There is more to come, but we will always depend on researchers integrating our ideas into their projects.

Thanks to Holger Lütters and HTW Berlin, thanks to Malte Freksa and GapFish and thanks to Marc Egger and insius for making this possible together with us.

If you could not make to the presentation, here it is again:
Best Practice Award Competition Presentation at GOR2019

Deletion Protocol of response management data following the rules of EU GDPR (DSGVO)

Another deletion idea concerns the invitation part.  It is now possible to delete all response management data with only one click (and another security click) from questfox.

We are supporters of the highest standards in data security possible in research.  We do not only try to follow the rules. We try hard to make them applicable in a reasonable setting for the researcher. As you are the responsible person to follow the EU standards of deletion we offer this new function to all users to make the process transparent.

In questfox it is possible to keep personal information for invitation purpose is completely apart from response data.  questfox allows you to keep E-Mail invitations together with additional information inside the “INVITE” section. This information is solely used for the invitation process including potential reminders and memos sent to the respondents. The data kept under “INVITE” can not be exported, as it should never be linked to any kind of response data given by the participants.

During the response management process, questfox separates not yet invited people from already successful participants and keeps some of the dropouts in an extra structure to be able to remind them in a different way. Until now it has been the a little difficult to delete all the different response data inside one questfox project. These days are over now.

Owners of the rights to enter INVITE can use this function to delete all invitation data at once.

The data given during the interviews is NOT affected by this procedure. You just delete all the email addresses and links created for this project. Following your data security rules you should apply this function in a defined time frame (e.g. 30 days after the last interview conducted).

The person starting the deletion process will receive an email with the following information.

questfox automatic deletion notification service <>

The response management data for the following project was permanently deleted from the questfox server. This is the deletion protocol for the operation inside of questfox.

  • Project Space: Your Project Space
  • Project Name: Name of YOUR Project
  • Deletation Date: Montag, 21. Januar 2019 07:28
  • Amount of Invitation Data Sets deleted from questfox: 4235
  • Deleted by: Administrator

With the reception of this e-mail no personal information is kept inside the tool. Do not reply to this e-mail.

Some organizations require to save the deletion protocol in a different environment. You can integrate the email address of an official under CREATE Project Settings. Once there is an email address this account also receives a copy of the deletion protocol sent by email.

Hoping that this function makes your research life easier and the legal aspect of your research is fully covered when using questfox.

questfox feature alert: New deletion functions for pages

Normally we happily announce new features creating fantastic things. This announcement is a little different as it only announces new deletion functions inside of questfox.

Users will be happy to have these new functions facilitating the way you can create projects together with the “copy function” and “copy project as template” functions it makes sense to quickly delete selected questions from a list of question pages.

Select the page you wish to delete and press “DELETE”. After a few seconds your selected pages will vanish from the list as they are gone forever.

Please use this function with maximum care as there is no way of turning this procedure back. Once delete the questions are gone. We hope, that you enjoy that function anyhow. The deletion of selected questlogix will follow soon.

Copy from template. questfox feature alert: Complex research template definitions now available in questfox

The SaaS tool questfox is constantly growing in options for serious research. Different client demands change the direction of our development map constantly. In order to cope with all the different wishes, we created a new copy function that allows to create individualized complex templates based on several question pages which have a core connection to each other.

Copy from template is a new quest for the future that will facilitate your work in complex projects. You can now integrate complex combinations of questions together with questlogix rules into another project.

This helps you to create lists of joint question pages to be used in different projects. We will create a bunch of examples to be used to show you the power of these functions.

This also means, that you do not only depend on the questfox development team to create complex research settings. You can now create your own library of interdependent questions. The standard will probably be something like a list of known brands after which you only want to ask about brands prior marked as known. With the new copy from template function you can now also create complex funnels. Once you are done creating such a funnel, keep a copy of those questions in your personal library for later use in different projects.

How to use the function:

Select Copy project as template under CREATE SETTINGS.

Copy project as template questfox2018

After selection the function you will see a short interactive menu in which you select the target project space in which you want to integrate your template and the exact target project. Please select the position in which you want to integrate the template. questfox integrates your template before that defined position.

Press Start Copy and within seconds the target project will have those questions from the template and the underlying questlogix integrated. After this procedure you can still select the order of pages in your target project.

We hope that this feature contributes to the use of more powerful research settings when using questfox. Good luck with your ideas. Hope that you may share complex projects also with others.

P.S. What is the difference of this function compared to copy project or copy question page? Copy project creates a clone of your project under a new name. Copy question page just creates a copy of your question (without the underlying questlogix. Copy project as template integrates a complete project into your existing project while taking along the underlying questlogix.

In case of a 404 – qfx Domain quick fix

The modern internet requires SSL certificates on different kinds of domains and pages. Trying to provide secure access to questfox we had some work to do to fix the difference between a website and an operative domain for the software service questfox. We hopefully fixed all the domain issues. In case you may still find a 404 error pointing to the wrong page please be so kind to add the prefix “qfx” in front of the link.

For example instead of
integrate qfx into the link like this

This will probably bring you right away to the page you are looking for.

Domain trouble solved

The domains are working again.

This message is no longer needed

We are moving domains and apparently it does not go as fast as promised. Even though we selected sunday night for these works, it is not yet through all the internet.

If you have trouble login into questfox, please try the following link, which will definitively work. We keep you informed when the classic links will work again

Anything that you are about to create here will also work after the change of urls.

By the way: The interviews are not affected at all. It is just a temporary issue for those who create surveys.

Understanding non-respondents better: Additional filter features for drop-out analysis available in questfox

Normally researchers tend to analyse the data of completed interviews. As we are integrating more and more different technologies causing drop-out problems of a technical background we updated the filter setting for report groups inside of questfox.

From now on it is possible to set a filter to a different completion status of the interview. questfox offers filters for drop-outs, screen-outs and quota full candidates as a filter setting inside the definition of the report groups.
As always: The groups can be defined before starting the interviews so can see your sample grow and analyze potential issues earlier.
Hoping that you can understand the non-respondents better with these new features.

Here is how to define the settings. Please remember to click REFRESH after changing the settings and then SAVE


#EU DSGVO Imprint and Data Privacy statement texts in questfox

The european law about data security is put in practice since the 25th of May 2018.

As we are offering a tool to save data we also have to prepare ourselves to the conformity of our approach with the hight european standards. As a swiss born company we take this issue very serious.

To help our clients and users to think about data security issues we will develop little helpers to make it easier for you to be legally on the right path.

The first thing we now implemented is a text file in which you can administrate the imprint apart from a privacy statement in which the user can inform the participants about the usage of the data.

Under Edit branding you can define the two seperated texts to be used underneath


In the two HTML Text boxes you can define both IMPRINT and DATA SECURITY POLICY.


In a survey those defined texts will pop-up on the right side of the screen underneath your survey with the names defined in the Edit branding section.


To formulate your individual text, please ask your lawyer or someone who is responsible in your organization. All we can do is help you create surveys under the high european standards.